It's not just about me

Whether this is your first experience or you've done it before, for some people starting counselling can be nerve-wracking and uncomfortable. Here you are, about to open up to someone you've never met before! For others there may be a sense of relief. There may be tears, there could even be a few laughs! But first and foremost, my priority is to ensure you feel safe and supported, so that through the counselling experience you become empowered to move in the direction you're hoping to.

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Professionally speaking...

I combine care and compassion, knowledge and experience, trust and confidence, flexibility and collaboration in goal-setting, and a recognition that therapy isn't just about you feeling better. It's about empowering you in the process of change. This may involve assisting you to develop improved coping strategies, insight into unhelpful interpersonal patterns, adjust unhelpful thinking, improve emotional understanding and your ability to regulate those emotions, become a more effective problem solver, gain greater self awareness, confidence and comfort in your own skin, and to achieve your goals in a way that fits with your personal values.

I have worked in psychology for over 10 years and continue to feel fascinated about why we think, feel and act the way we do. We all struggle at various times in our lives, and though you are not alone, I believe your experience is unique. I really enjoy discovering and helping you to put together the jigsaw puzzle pieces that reflect who you are, your strengths, thoughts, feelings, perceptions, experiences and dreams.

On a personal level...

I am a mum of three children, two in primary school and a young toddler. I understand the challenges that go hand in hand with juggling multiple hats - wife, mother, daughter, friend, colleague, school/sporting parent etc.


You won't always feel there is balance between these competing needs and responsibilities.


You may find when change occurs (finishing school/uni, job loss/change, relationship breakdown, launching into parenthood) that life becomes quite challenging.


I'm here to support you through those challenges and prepare you so that in the future you will feel stronger and more equipped to deal with life's challenges.