I'm a Melbourne psychologist with a passion for people


Everyone has their own story. I want to understand and share yours.


I'm caring, compassionate, friendly and collaborative.


I have worked for over 10 years with clients from diverse backgrounds, dealing with a wide range of issues


I can support you through various challenges including but not limited to the perinatal period, depression, anxiety, relationships, workplace issues and life transitions

I am passionate about helping others. Sometimes life can throw us a curve ball or two. I understand how easy it can be to become caught up and overwhelmed with what's happening both around us and within.

You are the expert on yourself. I love working collaboratively so that together we can uncover your strengths, gain greater self awareness and develop more effective coping strategies for the future.


"I started seeing Lauren when my husband told me he wanted to leave. I was not in a good place and was scared about what my future looked like. THe idea of talking to a stranger about my problems scared me too, but Lauren made me feel comfortable, at ease and just listened. She helped me work through my emotions, what I was feeling and why. She taught me mindfulness techniques, which were not only useful in this situation, but in my everyday life too.

Lauren has been an amazing support and has helped guide me through the difficult process of separation, then divorce and then dealing with the afterwards and being a single parent of two young kids on the spectrum.

I am now a much stronger and happier person and I have no doubt that this is due to Lauren and her support, counsel and guidance." Rebecca B